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Company Organization

Keystone has been in practice of civil engineering since June 1972 and has provided civil and consulting engineering services to numerous municipalities, authorities, and land developers throughout the greater Lehigh Valley and Pocono Regions areas. KCE is a wholly-owned Pennsylvania corporation with nineteen stockholders. Founder Frank Waldraff, wishing to provide younger, key employees with the opportunity to participate in the company’s growth and leadership, established an orderly and planned management transition process. The Company is founded on a unique management approach which delegates total authority for each client or project to specific, qualified individuals. This provides a more direct link between the client and our firm and eliminates the administrative overhead associated with a “top-down” management style. This management philosophy provides cost-effective engineering services.

At Keystone, the client can consistently depend on the same qualified individual. In turn, our personnel can become increasingly familiar with the client and its needs. Depending on the situation, the individual engineer will consult with other senior staff personnel who have a broad range of both educational and practical experience in specific areas of engineering. In addition, the company promotes continued growth through seminars, education, and on-the-job training. The result of this management style and educational program is evident by the low employee turnover and corresponding high average years of service per employee. In 2009, Albert R. Kortze, P.E., a 20-year veteran engineer, was named President/CEO.

The staff presently consists of approximately 70 engineers, surveyors, and technical personnel, including fourteen (14) Registered Professional Engineers, two(2) Registered Professional Land Surveyors, one (1) Registered Geologist and one (1) Registered Landscape Architect. The principal office is located at 2870 Emrick Boulevard in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with branch offices at 5012 Medical Center Circle, Suite 1 in Allentown, Pennsylvania and 863 Interchange Road, P.O. Box 639, Kresgeville, Pennsylvania.


Albert R. Kortze, P.E., President & CEO
Alan R. Fornwalt, P.E., Vice President
Kevin J. Horvath, P.E., Treasurer
Frank J. Clark, Secretary
Eric S. Snyder, Member



Douglas B. Harwick, P.L.S.
Kevin J. Horvath, P.E.
Albert R. Kortze, P.E.
Keith T. Lawler, P.E.
Christopher J. Noll, S.E.O., H.M.I.
Sean Dooley, Ph.D, P.E.
Karl Scherzberg, E.I.T.


Stephen T. Gitch, S.E.O.
Eric S. Snyder, P.E.
Darrin Heckman
Dean Zimmerman
Ron Neher


David Alban, Jr., P.E.
Frank J. Clark
Thomas K. Deily
William A. Erdman, P.E.
Alan R. Fornwalt, P.E.
Mark D. Heffner
Elisa A. Highley, E.I.T.
Daren J. Martocci
Brian K. Melendez
Timothy A. Miller, P.E.
Scott T. Pasterski, P.E.
Robin L. Robertson, P.E.
Joseph N. Santilli
J. Scott Stenroos, P.E.
David J. Tettemer, P.E.