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Environmental Soil Scientist

Job Description:Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc., a multi-discipline civil and consulting engineering and surveying firm, is seeking a full-time Environmental Soil Scientist to join our Civil

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Staff Traffic Engineer

Join our team as a Staff Traffic Engineer and work with other licensed traffic engineers on exciting highway and traffic projects. Job Description: Assist in

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Employees are a company’s greatest asset and it takes a diverse group of skilled individuals to create an outstanding team.  KCE believes that a company’s commitment to excellence is rooted in its commitment to its employees. Our commitment to our employees has made KCE an award-winning employer for 50 years and will remain a critical part of our philosophy for the next 50.  To sustain this environment, we have created a work community that encourages productive and long-term careers.  We find that our employees are hard working and dedicated to providing high quality service to our wide-range of clientele.  Key employees are given the opportunity to share in the ownership of the company, which allows for a planned transition in its unique management beliefs. 

Employees take pride in their work environment and work ethics knowing they have a responsibility that will benefit the future of the company’s workforce and ensure the success of KCE.  The employee-owners are charged with the roles of supporting management decisions and initiatives, creating a positive work environment, finding solutions for improvement and participating in achieving the company’s goals.

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