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How to Protect Your Yard from Erosion

How to Protect Your Yard from Erosion

What homeowner wants to see their property washed away from a heavy rain event?  How many of you have spent many hours of time and plenty of money on beautiful landscaping to just watch it all wash away?  The industry term is “erosion”.  Erosion can cause problems worse than just unsightly lawns.  Erosion can uproot plants with a shallow root system; divert soil into the streets, thereby blocking storm sewer systems; or infiltrating soil into natural water resources.  The Soil Science Society of America has come to the rescue with a blog they put out back in September where they recommend some tips to protect your yard.  A few samples include:  adding mulch and plantings, installing retaining walls or managing rainwater with rain gardens or swales.  All of these concepts serve a dual purpose – they beautify your property while providing a firm foundation for your soil.  To see the entire blog, click here.

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