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Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection

Included within the diversified engineering services that Keystone Consulting Engineers has been known for since 1972 are our construction inspection capabilities. KCE’s staff inspects construction on a myriad of improvements, including, but not limited to, roadways, waterlines, sanitary sewers, pump stations, storm sewers, bridges, parking complexes, lot grading, sidewalks and recreation facilities.

Our 15 experienced inspectors, most of whom are NICET-certified, prepare fair and reputable inspection reports to provide our clients with written records of construction activity on their projects.


  • Sinkhole Repair
  • Lot Grading
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Stormsewer
  • Roadway Improvements
  • Sidewalk and Curbing
  • Landscaping
  • Waterline
  • Park Complexes and Recreation Facilities


Village of Bowers Water Main Replacement Project

Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. (KCE) designed the water main replacement project for Maxatawny Township Municipal Authority in 2020. The project was sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, with funding through a Rural Utilities Service (RUS) program, and included the replacement of over 9,000 feet of existing two and three inch plastic, galvanized steel, and cast iron main line with new eight inch coated ductile iron, C900 PVC and HDPE main line, along with fire hydrants, valves, water services, and appurtenances.
Geographic Information System (GIS)

Comprehensive Plan Map

Keystone Consulting Engineers provided all the mapping and boundaries on the mapping within the comprehensive plan maps. The maps are used by the Township staff, residents, potential developers, etc. to determine zoning boundaries, land use designations, potential karst areas, parks within the municipality, etc.

Story Map: Stormwater, the Community and YOU

Keystone Consulting Engineers built a Story Map on ESRI's GIS platform for Upper Macungie Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. This story map is an interactive map that assists UMT with it's MS4 objectives.

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